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Quick post, giving you folks a head’s up about the new Soldier Reimu. Although it is not complete yet, it IS usable, downloadable, and guaranteed to cause your game to lag 100% less than the one available previously!

Remember to watch the forums for up-to-the-minute updates, comments, and everything else.



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Folks are getting really busy, which is to be expected. Finals are just beginning to wrap up, and those who happen to fall into younger school systems are going to be hitting the end of the year landslide very shortly. But of course coming very soon is summer, the land of free time and leisure.

So although there hasn’t been anything meaningful done yet, nor will anything happen right away, it should be coming soon.


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All the basics are down, but everything really needs some fine-tuning. Especially the design. If you’ve stumbled onto this, we’re still working on everything. The sub pages should be in working order however, albeit bare.

We’re working on it.

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