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Things are still…slow around here, so I thought I’d fill up that awful gap with a little something that I’ve been reading about recently. It’s not really related to us in any way, and it’s hardly even related to TF2…but hey who cares.

Recently a little bundle of a bunch of indie games went on sale on steam, which include a hat for TF2. When this pack went live, however, all the games received updates which turned out to be a number of hidden and cryptic images and messages. Of curse it just seemed like something silly when it happened so the people theorizing it meant something didn’t really receive a ton of attention. On Tuesday, however, the latest Portal 2 mini-trailer contained a cryptic message that actually went so far as to directly name a couple of people who began discovering and theorizing that the previous game updates meant something.

As of now things are still developing and are being better documented now that it’s been identified as an Alternate Reality Game (ARG). There’s a  post on steam’s official forums detailing all the updates and the story so far, located at http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1824635

There’s also a Wiki with more in-depth information on everything, as well as constant updates about new discoveries. It can be found at http://valvearg.info/wiki/Valve_ARG_Wiki

This is just something I thought I’d share. It’ll be interesting to see what it eventually leads to, or if it’s still part of the same ARG that lead to Portal 2’s announcement. I might even start a topic on the forums to follow it, although that might be unnecessary and it’s kind of late right now.

Just thought I’d share. As far as project stuff goes, the forum has a few snapshots of some model WIPs, and voice actors are showing off their stuff, but generally posting is quite low. Why not sign up and change that?


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